About Fundamental Things

Fundamental Things is a blog and online magazine inspired by the timeless elements of society and culture, as well as the women who are committed to preserving them. It’s no secret that more traditionally-minded women are struggling to find a space in our contemporary media, and so I wanted to create a forum for the like-minded among us to come together and discuss what’s relevant to us in an intelligent and hopeful way.

I’ve taken the blog’s title from Casablanca’s “As Time Goes By,” in the spirit of recognizing that the “fundamental things” do continue to apply: “woman needs man, and man must have his mate,” and — God willing — “the world will always welcome lovers.” Here is a place where we can support each other in our femininity, from fashion and beauty to nurturing our homes and families to being intentional about the values we cultivate in ourselves and others.

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❤️ Emily