The Best 20-Minute Meal I’ve Ever Had

I don’t even have children yet and I don’t like to spend a lot of time on weeknight meals. After work, I still have things I want to accomplish in the evenings, like writing, reading, and catching up on news and shows. However, I like to feel like I’ve cooked something with fresh ingredients that’s fairly lean and that tastes great.

The best solution I’ve ever found to suit these needs is Martha Stewart’s One-Pan Pasta.

Some of you may remember when this was a craze a long time ago on Facebook. I don’t even remember how I found out about it, because I haven’t really been using Facebook for several years, but I have to say, it was every bit worth the hype.

It’s actually sort of unbelievable and magical. Just a few ingredients — most of which you’ll already have — and it cooks all in one pot to create a pasta that’s restaurant-quality. I think the coolest thing about the recipe is the fact that it makes its own sauce, while it cooks the pasta, and it somehow emulsifies to become almost… creamy. With just the cherry tomatoes and the onions and the garlic. *chef’s kiss*

The other amazing thing about this recipe is that it’s such a blank slate. It’s great exactly as-is, but its basic nature means that you can add and substitute to your heart’s delight. I don’t always buy the fresh basil, for example (time to invest in a basil plant…), so I substitute dried, and add oregano as well as my Italian spice mix. Of course, you can get a little more adventurous by adding proteins, more vegetables, canned tomatoes, etc.

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Watch Martha herself make it below:

It’s really like that favorite item in your closet that you can dress up or down and that you find yourself wearing for more occasions than you’d like to admit. I usually have plenty of leftovers when I make it for myself and it easily feeds a family of four.

Give it a try (don’t skimp on the parmesan cheese!) and see if it makes it onto your recipe rotation. Never make underwhelming pasta again. 🍝 😊

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